Your Guide to the Water Damage Restoration Process

Your space can flood from leaks, burst pipes, or weather-related accidents and then suffer from water damage like mold, stains, and structural damage. That’s why United Water Restoration Group of Charlotte, North Carolina, wants to discuss the water damage restoration process and what your options are for restoring your home or commercial space.

What Is Water Damage Restoration?

Water damage restoration is the process of assessing water damage in a space, cleaning stains or mold from surfaces, safely removing damaged materials, drying the area completely, and replacing materials as needed.

How Does the Water Damage Restoration Work?

Here are the steps you can expect in water damage restoration in Charlotte, North Carolina from experts like United Water Restoration Group of Charlotte:


  1. Call to talk to a water damage restoration expert about the water-related incident, the signs of damage it caused, and other concerns.
  2. Schedule a time for an expert to inspect your home or commercial space and confirm the type and extent of water damage.
  3. The water damage restoration team uses commercial-grade equipment to remove all water and moisture.
  4. Using industrial fans and dehumidifiers, the team dries the whole area to prevent mold growth.
  5. They don safety gear, remove all damaged materials, like drywall, carpet, flooring, and furniture, and responsibly dispose of it.
  6. They clean the walls, floors, and other surfaces to remove bacteria and odors.
  7. They can make small repairs.

How Much Does Water Damage Restoration Cost?

The price of water damage restoration can vary from as low as $1,000 to $8,000, but your trusted expert can give you a fair estimate upon inspection.

Costs for the water damage restoration process can depend on factors like:

  • How much water collected in the space.
  • Where the water came from and what type of water it is.
  • How much the water absorbed into materials and what kind of materials were damaged.
  • Whether there’s mold growth or rot in the materials.
  • Whether it’s a residential or commercial space.

Trust the Professionals to Restore Water Damage

If you need water damage restoration services in the Charlotte, North Carolina, area, look for experts with:

  • Years of experience assessing and fixing water damage.
  • Mold abatement expertise.
  • Assistance with insurance claims.
  • Dedication to quality and efficiency.

You can get all of these qualities when you trust United Water Restoration Group of Charlotte. Call us today at (704) 448-0799 so we can bring your space back to normal.

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