4 Signs of Water Damage

As a property owner, it’s always worth knowing what to look for if you think you have water damage. Signs of water damage can be easy to miss. 


However, with a basic knowledge of signs of water damage, you can be vigilant and protective of your property in case you ever find yourself dealing with water issues, hopefully keeping an incident from hurting your wallet. United Water Restoration Group of Charlotte, North Carolina would like to go over some of the more common signs of water damage with you today.


Sight, Sound, Smell

  • Musty Odor

If you’re smelling moisture or a musty, damp odor in a place where it shouldn’t be you may have water damage just out of sight. This could be from a leaking pipe or water damage from outside that has made its way inside. It’s a potential sign of water damage, and one you should isolate as soon as possible.


  • Structural Warp

If sections of your ceiling appear to be sagging or woodwork in your home appears to be warping in certain areas. This is likely related to water damage in the structure itself that is now actively affecting it visually. This sign of water damage can also lead to paint easily peeling or chipping off due to excess moisture.


  • Steady Drip

When everything is quiet, pay close attention to the sound of a distant drip. If you’re able to isolate a steady drip somewhere within your walls, you’ve sprung a small leak that could become a larger problem. If you can’t isolate a drip, pay attention to any unusual cost increases in your water bill.


  • Unusual Stains

If you’re noticing discoloration in your floors, walls, or ceilings then water damage beneath the surfaces is a likely culprit. This may also be accompanied by active pooling or puddles of waters in the areas with stains.


Call Us When You Have Signs Of Water Damage

Knowing what to look for is a big advantage in combating water damage before it has a chance to get out of hand. If you’ve spotted signs of water damage, reach out to United Water Restoration Group of Charlotte, North Carolina at (704) 448-0799. We’re available 24/7 and can assist you whenever you need it!


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